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Find Out If Facetime App for Android Available

Facetime is the proprietary voice and video calling application designed by Apple Inc for iOS devices. It is not the open source application that is available everywhere for use. Since Apple has created Facetime App, it decides on which device it will run. Owing to the ever-increasing popularity, Android users are wondering if they can get the Facetime for Android to enjoy video and voice calling like iOS users. Well, Android users would disappoint here because Facetime App is only available for iOS devices, but not for the Android devices. Apple makes no Facetime Video Calling App For Android that support Android devices. This indicates that Android users need to find some other alternative which can provide them the same advantages of voice and video calling like Facetime.

Can Android Users Get Facetime on Their Device?

Well, the answer to this question is a straight “NO”. Android users can’t get Facetime for Android devices as it is the proprietary application which is only meant to be functioning on Apple devices. You will not find any APK package for this video calling application and hence you need to settle with the alternatives that are designed to give you the same features of video and voice calling but on your Android devices.

What are the Best Alternatives of Facetime for Android?

Below is the list of few alternatives of Facetime for Android which provides you with similar features and benefits like the Facetime App.


Hangout is the video and voice calling application by Google which come with some updates to maximize your chat experience online. This application not only features the video calling features of Facetime, but also comprises the same facilities like Apple iMessage. This application comes pre-installed on most of the Android devices today and can be downloaded easily from Google Play Store for free.

Google Duo

Another great alternative of Facetime for Android device is Google Duo which is the functional video calling app like Hangouts. This application features the slimmed-down interface as well as one-to-one calling like FaceTime. It also has some unique features and differences that separate this application from all its competitors. The application has been optimized for poor connection, so users will not face any difficulty to make video calls in average network connections. The application also makes use of your phone contacts and this makes it convenient for the users to get on board and contact their friends directly without having to sign-up for Google Account.


Skype is the old video and voice calling application which also offers you the advantage of texting like Hangouts. Despite being the oldest and popular video calling application, it is still struggling with popularity, especially after the advent of other advanced apps for video calling like Duo and Hangouts. Skype needs you to have Google Account to access its features and most of the Android device today comes with pre-installed Skype App. The best part of Skype is that it lets you to make voice calls to mobile for a small charge. So, simply load credit to your Skype account and enjoy making calls to phone numbers and mobiles for free from your mobile and PC.

Will You Be Ever Get Facetime for Android?

Facetime for Android is not possible and there are no such updates from Apple that they will design the Android version of Facetime. Apple is very strict with their rules and they will never break their new ground by designing the video calling application for Android users. So, it is hard to say as of now that whether or not Facetime for Android will be available future.