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Find Out If Facetime App for Android Available

Facetime is the proprietary voice and video calling application designed by Apple Inc for iOS devices. It is not the open source application that is available everywhere for use. Since Apple has created Facetime App, it decides on which device it will run. Owing to the ever-increasing popularity, Android users are wondering if they can get the Facetime for Android to enjoy video and voice calling like iOS users. Well, Android users would disappoint here because Facetime App is only available for iOS devices, but not for the Android devices. Apple makes no Facetime Video Calling App For Android that support Android devices. This indicates that Android users need to find some other alternative which can provide them the same advantages of voice and video calling like Facetime.

Can Android Users Get Facetime on Their Device?

Well, the answer to this question is a straight “NO”. Android users can’t get Facetime for Android devices as it is the proprietary application which is only meant to be functioning on Apple devices. You will not find any APK package for this video calling application and hence you need to settle with the alternatives that are designed to give you the same features of video and voice calling but on your Android devices.

What are the Best Alternatives of Facetime for Android?

Below is the list of few alternatives of Facetime for Android which provides you with similar features and benefits like the Facetime App.


Hangout is the video and voice calling application by Google which come with some updates to maximize your chat experience online. This application not only features the video calling features of Facetime, but also comprises the same facilities like Apple iMessage. This application comes pre-installed on most of the Android devices today and can be downloaded easily from Google Play Store for free.


5 Attributes To Lookout For In An Andriod iOs Builder

There is no denying that iPhones now thrive in modern times. The Same way we can’t pretend not to notice the shift towards quality iOs apps designs by companies seeking to expand their customer reach. Yet, we must not miss the core basics for creating a killer iOs app; else we get our fingers burnt and count our investment losses.

So what’s this ‘core basics’?

Getting a damn good app developer, that’s it!

Finding the qualified expert for that mobile app creation that meets your demands is the way to go. So how do you dig out this expert in a pool of iOs building professionals? That’s your first assignment; get this homework out of the way through basic research from the App development expert industry. While you are at it, look out for these qualities:


Nose For Trends:

A good app builder must follow and know the trends. He’s armed with adequate info about updates, trends and current versions of the iOs. These are the attributes that will give the app he creates that quality edge, that users would appreciate and enjoy.

Capacity For Uniqueness:

Every product deserves its attention. Getting someone who has the capacity to give special attention to each project and product is actually hitting gold. Your business will stand out and attract customers if your products offer users unique experiences.

Ability For Adaptation:

In the iOs world, change is the only constant thing. You should double check on the apps builders’ CV. And don’t get carried away by the number of jobs he’s done.  Test his ability to adapt, as his ability to adapt is equally important. How has he managed to adjust in the use of evolving technologies?

Regard For time:

Meeting up deadline is one thing. Punctuality is another. Yet you must be concerned about both qualities. If you can get the app guy that ‘keeps to time’ and ‘meets to time’, you have a good deal!

Skills For Communication:

For starters, availability comes first before reachability. Don’t go for a mobile app maker that will ghost on you.  Ensure the apps guy you get will be available to always answer the questions along the journey of that project.  Establishing the communication channel is equally important.


5 Areas Your Business May Need Attention

Many think Information Technology Network is a piece of cake. And as such many business owners don not give it the needed attention. If you must know: that piece of cake needs proper planning to ensure stability. And it’s that stability that grows your business. In the same vein, some business owners rather invest heavily towards having a more robust network system that matches the size of their company structure. And these companies reap the benefits thereof.

The same can’t be said of those small organizations that have chosen to rely on Windows XP workstation for their network server. Usually, in these situations, they end up having efficiency and growth problems.

So you need to seek consultations from Network Experts always as regards the IT network system that is good for your business. Their analysis, evaluations of both hardware and software needs will certainly be valuable to the good of your company.  Gathered experiences in Network consultations has revealed 5 basic issues that result from neglecting and ignoring proper planning for your business network systemization.

Damage Recovery

Business Owners understand risks, yet they have plans for unforeseen circumstances. Despite having protections against goods damaged by fire, goods stolen and so on.  Yet they are found wanting when it comes to activating protection for financial, payroll, staff and customers data.

The sudden destruction or disappearance of data involving valuable client info by fire would financially cripple the business. And that’s why a 24 to 48 hours info recovery plan should be in place to prevent business losses.

Depending on the size of business, there are options to choose from as regards recovery systems. Your IT consultant can help suggest one that meets your budget and equally effective.


Against expert opinion, many business owners do not have a special source of power supply dedicated to their cogent servers, all in a bid to save extra costs.

For example, servers that are dedicated towards processing customer’s credit cards use (that are always on standby for this purpose) will always help save the business when there’s a power failure.

And this, in turn, protects the company from financial damage.

It is, therefore, worthy of note that peculiar equipment and infrastructure that serve delicate areas of the business structure must enjoy the dedicated source of power supply so as to win the battle against contingencies.


Network Security

As simple as Firewall Network Security may sound, it will interest you to know that there are businesses out there without one and as such completely exposed to viruses. Some companies are even using virus-attracting software like Limewire on the computers sharing same connection with their Network Server.  

If you are such companies you need to understand that in these times of internet and computers, viruses’ exist and they are harmful to your important files and data. You need to take advantage of strong antivirus measures.  This will help your network work faster and save your company from file corruption. It can also save you from losing your info to cyber theft.

Network Speed:

Smart business owners seeking to reduce cost as they increase productivity understand that cutting down on the wastage of employees time is the way to go. They have often had to rely on some factors to boost the speed of their Information Technology Networks, from adhering to simple network security policies to installing P2P restriction software on smart hardware. Your network wiring and cabling system may also work the magic.


Customers must be allowed to try alternative networking structure.  No business wants to experience a catastrophic downtime as regards their network set up, and that’s why planning ahead is key.  A simple example would be to forestall network storage requirements of files. As a client, you must not sacrifice the quality of work being achieved by employees just to save costs.